Aesthetic Poetry/Shayari in Urdu/Hindi

We at have provided our audience with a wide
variety of Aesthetic poetry in Urdu. We have gathered the art of
words, which have been derived by some of the legendary poets
of their era.

This Aesthetic poetry in Urdu is from Famous poets Mirza
Ghalib, Mir Taki Mir, Jaun Elia,

Amjid Salam Amjid, and the great poet of the east
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal.

We have tried to describe and portray the beauty of
Aesthetic poetry in Urdu. Different poetic verses of
legendary poets have been presented. So you can explore
every shair of

These different poets are at our site


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Here is Aesthetic poetry in Urdu 

Aesthetic Poetry/Shayari in Urdu/Hindi


بخت کے تخت سے یک لخت اتارا ہوا شخص

تم نے دیکھاہے سبھی جیت کے ہارا ہوا شخص

In Hindi

एक व्यक्ति पूरी तरह से भाग्य के सिंहासन से हटा दिया गया

आपने सभी विजेताओं को हारते देखा है

In english

A person completely removed from the throne of fortune

You’ve seen all the winners lose

Aesthetic Poetry/Shayari in Urdu/Hindi


کچھ خاص دلوں کو عشق کے الہام ہوتے ہیں

محبت معجزہ ہے، معجزے کب عام ہوتے ہیں۔

In hindi

कुछ दिल प्यार से प्रेरित होते हैं

प्यार एक चमत्कार है, चमत्कार कब आम होते हैं?

In English

Certain hearts are inspired by love

Love is a miracle, when are miracles common?


Mirza Ghalib Sad Poetry

Aesthetic Poetry/Shayari in Urdu/Hindi


میں گمشدہ خیال ہوں ، میں حل شدہ سوال ہوں

میں عکس ناتمام ہوں ، میں عشق لازوال ہوں

In Hindi

मैं लापता विचार हूं, मैं हल किया गया प्रश्न हूं

मैं दर्पण विहीन हूँ, मैं शाश्वत प्रेम हूँ

In English

I am the missing idea, I am the solved question

I am mirrorless, I am eternal love

Aesthetic Poetry/Shayari in Urdu/Hindi


مسلک خدا ملے، کہیں فرقے جُدا ملے

اب ایسی بھیڑ بھاڑ میں، کیسے خُدا ملے؟

In Hindi

भगवान के पंथ मिलते हैं, कभी पंथ अलग हो जाते हैं

अब इतनी भीड़ में कैसे मिले भगवान को?

In English

God’s creed meets, and sometimes sects get separated

Now in such a crowd, how to find God?

Aesthetic Poetry/Shayari in Urdu/Hindi

اے” مطلب” تیرا شکریہ 

تو نے جوڑ رکھا ہے انسانوں کو

In Hindi

हे “मतलब” धन्यवाद

आप लोगों में शामिल हो गए हैं

gussa poetry in Urdu

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