Best Pubg Status, Quotes, Captions, and attitude in English

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Now you can tag pubg qoutes, captions, and statuses in English while playing the pug game. The pubg game can be played online and offline on different devices like android smartphones, smart pads, and others. These captions, statuses, and pubg quotes are so famous these days. One of the famous quotes enemies ahead, I survived because the fire inside me was burning, Kids go to school men go to and etc. The unknown battleground of players is designed for people to play online and this got famous as pubg.

This game has a unique starting, multiple players at a time are escalated on an unknown island and they just start to search for weapons, relics, and equipment to kill other participants. That is why the game is so played among people. There used pug quotes to be aware, or to brag, in the game. One of the famous is “Kids go to school and Men to Military”. I also made one for you ‘ it is better to be a gardener in the garden not to be a warrior in the garden’ Well there are thousands of these quotes that are available online which can be used as pubg quotes, captions, and statuses. “He wins, who knows when to fight and when not to”

Best Pubg Status, Quotes, Captions and attitude in English

We have collected a few of the best PUBG quotes, captions, and status for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Best Pubg Status, Quotes, Captions and attitude in English
  1. I Don’t need any Squad, I am SOLO enough to Destroy your Full Squad, Mind It.
  1. In PUBG, Its Sound will Break your Heart, Called The Beast M24.
  2. Listen, Who Desire to fight should first Count the Price of Death,
  3. Because I am also Devil😈
  4. I Don’t Care who is in front of me, I only know to Destroy.
  5. The only Fun is to get one Flare Gun! 😂😅
  6. I Love to Fight, Only with my KAR98!😍💋😚
  7. Avoid your enemy’s strengths & focus on the Weakness! 😂😎
  8. Pubg is not just a game, it’s about Emotions.✊✊
  9. Kids go to School, and Men Go to Military bases!
  10. Noobs go to Pochinki, Pro Goes to Georgopol!😂😅
  11. Rule Of PUBG-Just Kill without any Mercy👿👿
  12. Pubg Is The Only Game, Where Vegetarian Also Enjoy Chicken Dinner
  13. PUBG is not just a game, it is a World.
  14. I don’t need any Scope to Headshot on You!
  15. I never liked Chicken, but not in PUBG my bro.
  16. I never sleep without getting Chicken Dinner.
  17. True things never leave you alone in life. And so did PUBG, it struggled a lot but is still back in India for all its lovers.
  18. PUBG Is The First & Last thing in Mind!
  19. Legends never die, whether it’s PUBG or any other game.
  20. If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.
  21. The extra energy required to make another effort is the secret to winning.
  22. We are Pubg players, we don’t need beautiful, we need battery full
Pubg Status in English
Pubg Status in English

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