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Love Shayari in Urdu – Love Poetry in Urdu

Hi, guy here we are back again with an exciting topic Love Shayari in Urdu, this is the most beloved topic and is often read by numerous people daily, Shayari in Urdu love enables the reader to express the innermost feeling for his/her loved ones. It is also considered a sensitive topic by many intellectuals, thinkers, and scholars…… 

Love wali Shayari in Urdu is available with beautiful images and text here at our website so you can enjoy and read to you will……….. We have gathered some of the most famous and best romantic poetry in Urdu for lovers. 

When you are feeling romantic and there is an order of romance in the air then you can enjoy that romantic weather by reading this Shayari in Urdu love. So let’s start reading…………. 

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Love poetry in Urdu
Love poetry in Urdu

حق دے کر مجھے اپنی نایاب محبت کا

تم نے مجھے سب سے حسین بنا رکھا ہے ..

Love Poetry in Urdu
Love Poetry in Urdu

مجھے نہیں معلوم

وہ پہلی بار کب اچھا لگا مگر اس

کے بعد

کبھی برا نہیں لگا

Love Shayari in Urdu - Love Poetry in Urdu
Love Shayari in Urdu – Love Poetry in Urdu

تیری باہوں کی پناہوں میں سکون ایسا ملا

جیسے بھٹکے ہوےٴ مومن کو خدا مل جائے

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