Top dard bhari shayari Urdu | dard bhari poetry

One who is suffering from agony and has been through life challenges can open up their hearts with dard bhari Shayari in the most elegant and effective way and can calm their minds and hearts via dard poetry in Urdu.

The constant agony can be depicted from a genre of literature which is dard poetry in Urdu. It can open up the windows of a different world with a different perspective. Poems like dard bhari Shayari urdu can strengthen you to face the torment and miseries of life.

                                                Aj Barish Bhi Tere Dard Ki Trha Hai

                                                Halki Halki Hai Par Hoti Ja Rahi Hai

Express your pain and ache in the form of dard bhari poetry because it can be the best way. It has a great ability to reveal your emotions. It is common for literature lovers to show their sentiments through words so why not use sad poetry in Urdu.

Poets have used these verses poetry for various purposes, some had used them when they were exicuted, and one of the biggest names was Shair Shah Suri and others. But it’s not the condition, you can use them just as you want.

                                                             Jo Tum Ny Ki Thi Mujhe 

                                                          Wo Muhabat Udaas Rakhti Hai

Everyone has faced worse phases of life some in careers, some in relationships, and some in love. So dukhi poetry in Urdu can be used to deal with that phase, somehow.

So here you can have some of the soulful dard poetry Urdu and sad poetry in Urdu, which can be downloaded and can be shared.

Here is dard bhari poetry in Urdu

dard bhari shayari urdu
dard bhari shayari urdu

In Urdu

میرے چہرے سے میرا درد نا پہچان پاؤ گے

میری عادت ہے ہر بات پہ مسکرا دینا . .

In English

Mere chehre se mera dard na pehchan pao ge, 

Meri aadat hai har baat pe muskuraa denaa..

dard bhari poetry
 Dard Bhari Poetry

In Urdu

آج بی رابتی میں رہتی ہے

وہ نیگے جو پھیر لی تو نے

In English

Aj B Rabty Mai Rahti Hai

Wo Nigay Jo Phair Li Tu Ny

dard bhari shayari urdu
dard bhari shayari in urdu

In Urdu

درد ہو دِل میں تو دعا کیجیے

دِل ہی جب درد ہو تو کیا کیجیے

In English

Dard ho dil mein to dua kijiye, 

Dil hi jab dard ho to kya kijiye..

dard bhari shayari urdu | dard bhari poetry

In Urdu

تمہارا غصہ بھی اتنا پیارا ہے

کے دل کرتا ہے تمہیں دن بھر تنگ کرتے رہیں

In English

tumhara gussa bhi itna pyara hai

ke dil karta hai tumhe din bhar tang karte rahen

In Urdu

اک دِل کا درد تھا کے رہا زندگی کے ساتھ

اک دِل کا چان تھا کے سدا دوحندتی رہے

In English

Ik Dil Ka Dard Tha Ky Raha Zindagi Ky sath

Ak Dil Ka Chan THa Ky Sada Dohndty Rahy

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